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Are your web rates cheaper than your local rates?

Our web rates are dynamic. That means they are changing automatically, up or down depending on the availability in a given period. However they are usually cheaper than our local rates by 5 to 10%. That comes as a result of two distinct discount schemes. Our Seasonal Discount Campaigns and our Permanent Discounts linked to the Method of Payment.

Do I pay less if I book and pay in advance?

Certainly! With our special Advance Booking Offer, you will receive a 10% discount on top of the already discounted prices provided your reservation is made and paid in full at least one month in advance. We offer 5% off for reservations made and paid in less than a month in advance. Also you are benefiting from our frequent seasonal discounts.

What is the minimum and maximum age required for the drivers?

For car rental the minimum age is 21 and the maximum is 75. Young drivers between 21 to 24 are paying a little extra for the optional Full Insurance (F.D.W.) if selected and so are the Senior drivers of age 72 to 75.

How long must I have the Driver's License? Do I need an International Driving Permit?

For renting any car you need to have a valid Driver’s License issued at least one year before. For all EU countries and for many countries outside EU, the National License is fine. There are some countries like for example Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, that the International Driving Permit is required. If you are not sure whether for your country an I.D.P. is required, please ask us before you make a reservation.

Which are the Driver's requirements to rent a Scooter, Motorbike or ATV?

A valid driver’s license type B or AM, or higher is required for 50cc scooters.
A valid driver's license type A1 or higher is required for 125cc scooters.
A valid driver's license type A2 or higher is required for 200cc and 250cc.
For ATVs (quads) we require driver's license type B.

If I book a baby/child seat, will it be definitely provided?

Child seats are mandatory in Greece and must be requested at the time of booking. For older children, we provide booster seats. Faros Rentals guarantees all child seats or booster seats booked and confirmed at least 7 days before the rental.

Do you have cars with automatic gearbox?

Yes we do. Our fleet currently includes several Automatic Gearbox models but their availability is usually limited so it is recommended to book in advance.

How can I make my reservation?

It's very simple.
1. Start by going to the “Quick Search" on the Home Page.
2. Fill in the Pick-up Location, Date/Time and Age Group fields. Press Search Prices.
3. In the next screen, select from the list of available vehicles the one that is best suited to your needs and budget. The payment options shown next to each vehicle include the price with and without the discount and all the free add-ons. You can further refine the search results by using the filters on the left of the page. However there are optional insurances and extras that you may want to select on the next page.
Click to any of the Select buttons (Do not worry, you can always change your selection later).
4. In the check-out page, first choose your preferred Insurance bundle and if needed any of the optional extras that listed below. The total price changes automatically as you add or remove options.
If you just want to save the quote without proceeding with the booking, take a screenshot and save it.
If you want to make your booking, fill in all the mandatory Personal Information fields and add any piece of information that you want us to be aware of in the Notes.
At the end of the page, you are presented again with all the available Payments Options. Choose your preferred option. Prepayment is not necessary.
Click on the Cancellation Policy to see the cancellation terms before you decide to pay in advance.
Finally, depending on your selection, press the Pay Now or the Complete Reservation button. If the Pay Now is selected, you will be redirected to the secure e-commerce site of our affiliated bank.
Whether you pay for your reservation or not, an instant confirmation will be send to your inbox with your reservation voucher and the receipt of your payment.
Important Notice : If you have saved a quote to get back to it later, the prices might have changed slightly. Our prices changing dynamically according to the availability. It is always recommended to book early.

How and when can I pay if I book online?

We provide our customers with the following payment options.
Pay Now, Pay on Arrival with cash and Pay on Arrival by card.
Each option includes a different discount percentage or no extra discount at all as in the case of Pay on Arrival by card.

Cancelation policy

We will refund your payment in full if you cancel your booking up to one 30 days prior to your rental. For cancellations after this date and up to 72 hours prior to your rental, we refund 80% of the paid amount. From the free cancellation are excluded the car groups MV and MB (mini-busses) and every deposit that has been given will be retained.

Online Payments Processing and Security

All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of "Nexi e-Commerce" of Nexi Payments Greece S.A. and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Terms and Conditions > Our Insurance Policy

What is Third-Party Liability (T.P.L.) or Third Party Insurance?

Third-Party Liability (T.P.L.) is a form of liability insurance and is always included in our basic rental rates. You don't pay extra for T.P.L. insurance. Third-Party Liability protects the insured driver against damages caused to a third party that is, a person or property. Third-Party Liability can cover expenses such as hospital care, lost wages, or repairs to the other car’s bodywork.

What is the Collision Damage Waiver Insurance and how does it work?

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) is included in our rental rates and cover damage to the rental car that may happen due to traffic collisions. The damage covered by C.D.W. generally includes the car’s bodywork but not such items as windows, mirrors, wheels, tires, and undercarriage for which there is a separate optional insurance. With C.D.W. there is still a certain amount of money that the customer has to pay when damage occurs. This sum is called excess (or deductible) and varies depending on the car model. As with any policy, the C.D.W. will not cover any costs if the car rental company’s terms and conditions have been violated or if the damage has occurred while driving the car off-road. The excess can be eliminated or reduced by purchasing the optional insurance F.D.W.

What is the Full Damage Waiver Insurance and how does it work?

Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.) is an optional insurance that if purchased eliminates or reduces (depending on the car category) the excess (or deductible) of the C.D.W. insurance. That is, in case of an insurance event, the renter does not pay anything or very little provided the terms of the car rental agreement and the insurance agreement are met.

What is Theft Protection insurance?

Theft Protection (T.P.) covers the cost of replacing the rental car if it is stolen during the rental period and is subject to an excess or deductible amount equal to the one of the C.D.W. insurance. It doesn’t cover however the cost of repairing the car if it is damaged when someone tries to steal it. “Faros Rentals” offers Theft Protection to its clients free of charge provided the car has not been ferried outside the island without the previous written permission of the company. For Theft Protection cover to take effect, the renter is obliged to file a police report within 24 hours of theft and notify the rental company immediately.

Are there any mandatory insurance policies that are not included in the rates? Are there any extras?

No they are not. All mandatory insurances are included in the rates.
There are some optional policies, such as Full Damage Waiver, Wheels/Underside and Glass, Personal Accident Insurance and Second Driver insurance which are clearly presented as optional extras during the online reservation process.

Can I be insured against damages to Wheels/Underside and Glass?

FAROS RENTALS provides the optional insurance W.U.G. which covers damages to wheels, tires, undercarriage and glass as far as they were not done intentionally and the car was not driven off-road. It is available by paying the daily amount of €7 for all car groups.


When hiring a car, you are required to leave a Refundable Security Deposit by Credit Card Pre-authorization equal to the insurance "EXCESS" amount. If you purchase the optional Full Damage Waiver (FDW) insurance, the "excess" in most cases becomes zero or is greatly reduced on others. If you have opted for a "zero excess" insurance, no security deposit will be required.

Terms and Conditions > Car Pick-up and Return

How do I collect my car at the airport?

Our brand new offices are located 500m from Zakynthos International Airport. If you have reseved your car to be collected at the airport, our company's representative will be expecting you in the Airport’s meet-and-greet designated area at the specified time stated in your car-rental voucher. They will hold a sign with our company's logo or your name and they will immediately drive you to our offices where you will sign the rental documents and pick-up your car. In case you arrive at a different time than the one stated in your voucher, you can call us so we can arrange for your immediate pick-up. Our offices are located 500m from the Airport turning left from the main exit and they are shown on Google Maps.

Does Pick-up and Drop-off take place beyond working hours?

You can pick-up or drop-off your rented vehcile anytime between 8am to 9pm. Beyond these hours, an out-of-hours fixed fee applies of currently €25.

Can I collect my reserved vehicle anywhere in the island?

You can collect or return your rental vehicle at your accommodation anywhere in the island and even at Zakynthos town port or at the bus station.
Most of the island's resorts and pick-up points are included in the locations’ drop-down list where you can select your prefered location during the first step of the reservation process. You will be informed of any delivery fee if applicable. If your accommodation’s location is not listed, please fill in the name and place of the hotel in the comments section or send us an inquiry before making your booking.

What is your fuel policy?

We are offering a "same level" fuel policy. On return, the rented vehicle should have the same quantity of fuel as when received.

What if I delay the return of my vehicle?

You can contact us and we will arrange for you to keep your vehicle longer as long as it is available and not booked for another client. In any case, we will do our outmost to find you a replacement vehicle. For the extended period, you will be charged according to the price that you paid originally. In case of no early notice, extra fees may apply.

Terms and Conditions > During your Rental

Can I take the car or bike outside of Zakynthos?

You can only take the rented car outside Zakynthos - but only within national boarders - with a written approval from FAROS Rentals. There is a flat charge of 40€ regardless of distance covered or days outside the island.

Motorbikes and ATVs are not allowed to be taken outside Zakynthos due to insurance restrictions.

Are helmets mandatory in Greece?

Yes they are and we provide them to our customers free of charge. The customer is responsible for any fines for not wearing a helmet and he is obliged to notify FAROS rental company for any fines received.

Can I prolong my rental after the rental start date?

Yes of course you can, but we apply local discounted rates for the extended period.

Road Assistance

We provide our customers a 24/7 free road assistance in case of a mechanical failure or accident.

For further questions please contact us

(+30) 2695100576 - (+30) 6973795418

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